Functions of the Agency
1. Agency shall exercise the following duties and responsibilities: 
1.1. proposes and coordinates all policies related to information and communication technology in institutions of the Republic of Kosovo; 
1.2. drafts and ensures the implementation of strategy for electronic governance and relevant action plan, for approval at the Government; 
1.3. manages and supervises the implementation of the projects related to information technology in institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. 
2. Agency shall support the development of information technology, promote the investment in the field of information society, the development of training systems in information technology and shall do the coordination, management and supervision of processes and mechanisms of electronic governance in the following areas: 
2.1. ICT infrastructure for institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and increase of the level of IT use; 
2.2. expansion of internet services and content of internet in institutions of the Republic of Kosovo; 
2.3. accumulation, administration, dissemination and storage of data by creating the State Data Electronic Centre; 
2.4. security and protection of electronic communication infrastructure and data; 
2.5. according to the needs assist relevant institutions in combating cyber-crime; 
2.6. attend to the management and maintenance of intellectual property and rights related to data bases and software, which are the property of the state; 
2.7. ensure protection of personal data in electronic form in accordance with the legislation into force; 
2.8. facilitate the access to public information in electronic form; 
2.9. in cooperation with KIPA make the identification of Information Society electronic training needs for employees of institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.

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